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India/Kate Campbell

This week, Ashley and Hunter each share a little bit of their heart while discussing projects they’ve been working on separately over the last few weeks. Ashley opens up about her recent, life-changing trip to India where she was able to experience and be a part of telling the story of an organization in India called SEED that is working tirelessly to break the cycle of poverty for children born in the slums of Kolkata. Hunter shares songs from  Southern singer/songwriter Kate Campbell’s new album, DAMN SURE BLUE, which addresses the racial unrest of the past few years with a heavy dose of encouragement to keep on fighting the good fight. 

Photos from Ashley’s trip to India….

Ashley’s Dollar Club Reveal Video from India…

Kate Campbell DAMN SURE BLUE videos Hunter shot and produced…

Listen to Kate Campbell’s DAMN SURE BLUE here…

Annie F. Downs

Group Shot -- Good.JPG

Best-selling author, speaker and podcaster Annie F. Downs is here to talk about her new book, Remember God.  She explains how this deeply personal book changed her as she explored the question of asking if God is still kind even when our circumstances are really hard.  With Annie being one of Ashley’s closest friends and former roommates, this conversation digs deep into several stories from the book, too. Hunter and Annie also compare notes on creating long-form projects. Don’t miss the mad love for Reba, Dolly and Amy Grant at the end of the show, too! 

Walker Hayes

 Photo Credit: Katie Kauss

Photo Credit: Katie Kauss

Walker Hayes tells us about the care he and co-writer Shane McAnally put into Walker’s new single, “‘90’s Country,” to make sure it honored their heroes of the era, including Garth Brooks, Sammy Kershaw and Trisha Yearwood. He also opens up about life at home with his wife Laney and their six kids. They lost a seventh child during birth just a few months ago, and Walker tells us they’ve now gotten a new puppy, Hazel Rose, to help them in the grieving and healing process. An amazing conversation with a very creative and busy man!

Walker Hayes Bonus Video!

David Nail

 Photo Credit: Hunter Berry

Photo Credit: Hunter Berry

David Nail is here to tell us about his new project, Only This and Nothing More, with his band, David Nail and The Well Ravens. The project features darker tones and more adventurous sounds than his previous country albums. You'll definitely want to listen to his honest lyrics about dealing with depression on the release’s final song, “In My Head.”

David also opens up about finding courage to follow this new creative path and shares an amazing story about Jason Bateman having a meltdown over the hot dogs at Dodger Stadium!

Plus, plenty of sweet moments with Ashley and David talking about his two adorable kids and wife, Catherine. 

Ellie Holcomb

Ellie Holcomb photo.JPG

Singer/songwriter Ellie Holcomb is here to tell us about her upcoming EP, “Sing: Creation Songs,” AND her first-ever children’s book, “Who Sang the First Song!” Of note, Ellie and her husband, Drew Holcomb, welcomed their third child, a boy named Samuel Rivers Holcomb, just a few days after we taped this conversation. We covered everything, including how Ellie and Drew balance their lives as musicians with raising a house full of kids and what led her to embark on these new projects. Also, Ellie shares the most amazing story about her hero and tour mate Amy Grant at the end of the podcast. Do NOT miss it. Guaranteed to leave you smiling!

Kip Moore


Kip Moore is here giving us the update on his new acoustic album AND his upcoming studio album. He just celebrated the one-year anniversary of his last project, “Slowheart,” which features his latest hit, “Last Shot.” Now, Kip is telling us about his next steps as an artist, how he keeps on listening to his inner voice when making big decisions, and how he and his longtime pal Jeremy have fulfilled a long-time dream opening the Bedrock Lodge for mountain climbing in Kentucky’s Red River Gorge. 

Kip Moore Bonus Video!

Check out  some of our favorite David Nail songs as well as a few other jams from the podcast on the All Our Favorite People Spotify playlist!