Jimmie Allen Remembers His Late Father Through Music

Jimmie Allen’s father, James, passed away this past September, so the loss is very fresh for him. The rising country star is still coming to terms with realizing his dad, AKA “Big Jim,” is really gone.

“It was weird. because I used to think he was invincible,” Jimmie says on the most recent episode of All Our Favorite People Podcast. “And then this last time when he got sick, it got real.”

By the time Jimmie made it back home to Delaware, his father was already unconscious. Instead of holding a vigil at his dad’s bedside, Jimmie opted to go their favorite fishing spot where he knew he would feel his dad’s presence. That’s where he was when he got the call that his dad had passed.

Says Jimmie, “I felt like that's what I needed. It gave me a chance to think about all the good times we had, and accept the fact that he was gone. I was in a place where I can remember him, and see him the way I knew him, not laying on a hospital bed with tubes all in his mouth and not responding.”


Jimmie admits getting back on stage after losing his father was tough since his dad was the one who introduced him to country music in the first place. James listened to nothing but country music in his truck, so that’s where Jimmie first fell in love with his musical heroes such as Neal McCoy, Alan Jackson and Sammy Kershaw. Of course, James was a big fan of Jimmie’s debut album, Mercury Lane, too. 

“I couldn't even listen to country music for like two weeks,” Jimmie admits. “I would sing it and struggle and get through. But on the radio, I don't want to hear it, because that reminds me of my dad. So, on a few shows, there was some of his favorite songs we didn't sing, and they were some of the crowd favorites every time we played them. I couldn't get through it. Then there was one show we did with Flatts. I didn't even finish the last song. I was just like, ‘Y'all have a good night. I'm out. I'm done.’”

At his headlining show in Nashville this past Thursday, Jimmie shared memories of his father, James with the crowd in between songs. The healing has begun for Jimmie, but he’s learning that dealing with grief is an ongoing process.

“I thought I cried all I needed to cry,” Jimmie says, “and then there's moments where it just hits me.” 

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