Claire Gibson

Author Claire Gibson is here to talk about her debut novel, Beyond the Point. The book tells the story of three women, Dani, Hannah and Avery, who meet and form a deep bond while attending the United States Military Academy at West Point. The story follows them as they work to maintain those friendships while facing the demands of relationships, careers and an earth-shattering tragedy. 

Claire grew up at West Point, where her father was a professor, so the novel is based on her recollections as well as more than 20 interviews Claire conducted with female graduates at West Point. She hopes Beyond the Point will give readers a three-dimensional view of women in the military beyond the stereotypes we see in pop culture and the media at large. 

Claire also poured her own experience of dealing with infertility and ultimately deciding to adopt a child with her husband, Patrick, into Beyond the Point, which is a big reason why the passages on grief and faith ring so true. Claire previously wrote about her adoption experience in a piece for Marie Claire. Read more of her work here.

Claire also shares some advice for writers and explains how she learned to quiet the inner critic in her head while writing.