Jackie Lee’s Long Year

On our first episode of All Our Favorite People, we welcome country singer Jackie Lee. We’ve known Jackie Lee for several years through red carpet and sit-down interviews as well as hilarious exchanges on Twitter. Ashley and Jackie were actually featured side-by-side in Nashville Lifestyles magazine’s Single in the City issue a few years back, and you can hear their hilarious stories about that experience later in the episode.

Up front, we’re talking in-depth about Jackie’s recent revelation that he’s now a cancer survivor. Not long after losing his beloved mother, Ladonna, to ovarian cancer in 2016, Jackie himself was diagnosed with testicular cancer. He underwent surgery in December 2016 to remove the testicle, but the cancer returned.

Around this time, Jackie wrote his new song, “Long Year,” which is a letter to his mother, Ladonna, just wishing she was with him as he faced his own cancer battle. As he faced chemotherapy in late 2017, Jackie bought a camera and shot footage during his treatment, and that footage is included in his powerful new video for “Long Year.” His hope is that in sharing his story, it will give someone else the hope they need to get through whatever they are facing.

Jackie received a clean bill of health after his treatment ended in January 2018, but the emotional healing process is ongoing. We are honored to have Jackie as our first guest to share this incredible and emotionally raw story with us.